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VIGILO provides high quality consulting services relating to internet enforcement, cybercrime, security and related technology and policy. VIGILO provides advisory and IT services for regulatory bodies, government agencies and enforcement staff with a view to both pratical excution of an enforcement scenario or applying technology in this sector. Both through bespoke advise and training VIGILO helps these organisations better perform their duties by combining a thorough understanding of both legal and undergound internet economies with the legal and technical knowledge required to effectively tackle issues facing internet enforcers today.

VIGILO advises on both legal and technical issues and its staff is often asked to speak or advise in new and developing policy areas related to new techincal challenges facing internet enforcers. VIGILO also provides services for agencies working in developing economies that are new to, or developing capabilities in this area.

VIGILO has advised a great variety of well known and reputable clients. With its experience in internet technology and a background in market regulation and law enforcement, VIGILO is the consultancy of choice for many regulators and law enforcement agencies active in security and cybercrime worldwide. Please find more information on the various service areas and see our portfolio on this website to learn more.